What If Supercell Hired Me? Scariest Memory? REAL TALK with Coach Cory 4

13. Tra 2021.
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What If Supercell Hired Me? Scariest Memory? REAL TALK with Coach Cory 4
0:00 Intro
0:30 Fav Update Feature
1:14 Supercell Hiring Me?
2:18 Scary Memory Story
3:40 Favorite Gadget
4:20 My School Experience
6:22 Favorite Food to Make
6:52 Setup Pics
7:06 Music I Listen To
8:00 Favorite International Travel
10:05 I Get Rick Rolled?
10:51 Food Stories + TV
11:54 One Word About Me
13:00 Why Do I Heart So Much
13:40 Fav Video Games Ever
14:39 IRL Channel?
15:35 Favorite Celebrity?
16:12 Advice to Smaller YT'ers
17:31 My Experience with 2nd Channel
18:58 Do I do it for Money or Love?
20:04 Credit Card Info
#CoachCory #BrawlStars
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  • Do you have legs?

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  • 20:19 “my real name is Cory.” Rob Stark: 😐

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  • if you like doing new stuff try koshary. if you dont know what is the koshary its an arabian meal,try it and you will love it

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  • 9:55 I'm so Happy! 😄🤩

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  • I went to the BVI's too! amazing place

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  • coach cory: pokemon R/B for the gameboy *proceeds to put pokemon FR/LG for the GBA*

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    • @FIGHTER-B no the devplovers said that only jessie is pam's daughuter and bull is pam's husband :)

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    • Nope colt is pam son/husband

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    • But hey, thats a theory, a brawl theory.

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  • Questions for next time; when did you grow your beard?

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  • I like country, bluegrass and like classical-soundtrack music

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  • I started playing smash legend and I'm enjoying it . Thanks for recommendations and love from India❤️

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  • "I just want to protect the people around me."- He's Peter Parker! That's his real name! Secretly Coach Cory is Spiderman.

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  • What are your intrests that take from your time currently (like habits and hobbies)? And if it is not too personal, what is your belief (religion)?

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  • POV: Cory's family name is Coach

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  • Have You Tried Indian Food? If yes, what's your favourite Indian Dish?

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    • @Coach Cory - Brawl Stars That's Nice! Indian Food is known to make your meal spicy and flavorful :)

      Shukirthan BShukirthan BPrije mjesec
    • Yes! I like spicy food, so I tend to go for vindaloo chicken. Some (garlic) Naan and samosas are great too!

      Coach Cory - Brawl StarsCoach Cory - Brawl StarsPrije mjesec
  • in beginning for small creator quality dont work too much , i tried made great video and if it dont go well its demotivating , so i make mid yoker video and get ok amount of views but good video , sometimes get viral

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    • Probably not

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  • Tbh I wouldn’t say Cory would be a bad employee at supercell whatsoever but if one of the content creators would be picked up to improve the game it would be kairos

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