What Does Each Brawler Do On TOILET?? + More FUNNY Tier Lists!

15. Ožu 2021.
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What Does Each Brawler Do On TOILET?? + More FUNNY Tier Lists!
Here I go over some really funny and weird Brawl Stars Tier Lists that can be found on reddit. I hope you enjoy these brawl stars funny moments and thanks for watching!
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    Coach Cory - Brawl StarsCoach Cory - Brawl StarsPrije mjesec
    • @Canaan Kason Whoa! It took about 15 mins but it actually worked!!

      Justin TakeharaJustin TakeharaPrije 28 dana
    • dunno if anyone gives a shit but last night I hacked my gfs Instagram account by using Instapwn. Just google for it :)

      Canaan KasonCanaan KasonPrije 29 dana
    • About how brawlers watch movies, Rico and Darryl are robots so how they are in the “Eating Popcorn Loud as Hell” category even though they don’t have mouths to even eat popcorn

      Kevin LeKevin LePrije mjesec
    • Mortis isn't trash

      FOX GAMINGFOX GAMINGPrije mjesec
    • @Robert andrei Bagasbas YES SO TRUE

      AprilKnight GamesAprilKnight GamesPrije mjesec
  • What's the music?

    Cool Legends GamingCool Legends GamingPrije 12 dana
  • There should be an "a n i m a l c l u b" tier with Leon,Nita,Bo and Bea

    Gemma Kelley XGemma Kelley XPrije 13 dana
  • 8 bit has a nose . A little angle below its eyes

    BOXBOXPrije 15 dana
  • Bo is flying because he wears eagle stuff

  • I wonder when u ask gene to read u a bedtime story u get nightmares

    HYPRA_37HYPRA_37Prije 20 dana
  • Me who all i know about pokimon is a yellow kat thing checking the brawlers as a pokimon element tier list: EnTeResTiNg

    Hassan JomaaHassan JomaaPrije 20 dana
  • Leon and Nita: Please don't kill me I'm a gross kid. Shelly: I don't care if your kids I'm killing you cause you yum power cube

    Chuo FamilyChuo FamilyPrije 21 dan
  • where is collete

    josue guardadojosue guardadoPrije 25 dana
  • 3:56

    tHe MaN BeHiNd ThE sLaUtErtHe MaN BeHiNd ThE sLaUtErPrije 27 dana
  • Oh sit!

    Jayashree SahuJayashree SahuPrije 27 dana
  • At 5:43 MR.P kinda a look like pep lep an ice pokemon of dawn the co coordinator (Ash's partner)

    Saksham Bakshi, 10-A,Roll.no:32Saksham Bakshi, 10-A,Roll.no:32Prije 28 dana
  • 1:23 Rzm64: mortis trash? 😤

    Yahyapro01Yahyapro01Prije 28 dana
  • Cory: plays brawl stars on the toilet Me: 👀

    Joel CowleyJoel CowleyPrije 29 dana
  • Me at 2:31, seeing my post: *[signature look of superiority]*

    Pumpkin CatPumpkin CatPrije 29 dana
  • Please make another tier list video

    Gabriel castilloGabriel castilloPrije 29 dana
  • I was in the toilet when i was watching the video

    Елеонора КачоринаЕлеонора КачоринаPrije 29 dana
  • 9:58 sandy is me lol

    The Mega GamerThe Mega GamerPrije mjesec
  • Stupid nani is best she is GOD

    CoolGameCoolGamePrije mjesec
  • 4:36 this got me on the floor laughing

    Rico PlaysRico PlaysPrije mjesec
  • 1:25 - wouldn't randoms think mortis is god as well?

    ToxicDanger - GamingToxicDanger - GamingPrije mjesec
  • rosa shouldnt only be grass but also and fighting and edgar shouldnt obly be ghost but also and fighting (My opinions)

    Dreamy GuyDreamy GuyPrije mjesec
  • Spike would try to hug a creeper but the creeper would leave

    Chicken nuggetChicken nuggetPrije mjesec
  • Actually in my opinion, Frank would be a god on a noob's point of view. He's got tons of health, tons of damage, really fast reload and movement speed and a quick charging super that literally gives you free kills. I thought he was OP when I first started playing brawl stars.

    Alexander HristovAlexander HristovPrije mjesec
  • This is Epic 😂👍🔥

    Tejas Jain BrawlStarsTejas Jain BrawlStarsPrije mjesec
  • 3:14 Remember Barley's Last Call?

    QansargamingYTQansargamingYTPrije mjesec
  • Every brawler ar legend

    Kavita TyagiKavita TyagiPrije mjesec
  • im the 500th coment :0

    Ali BrawlAli BrawlPrije mjesec
  • Carl has a nose!!

    8 Bit8 BitPrije mjesec
  • 9:10 what you came for thank me later

    Johny brawl starsJohny brawl starsPrije mjesec
  • Where is amber?

    Pietje PukPietje PukPrije mjesec
  • 6:47 electric surge one of the best brawler character wise 😗

    Mountain rockMountain rockPrije mjesec
  • Why are you shouting 🤬

    Mountain rockMountain rockPrije mjesec
  • Brawler on toilet Shelly Reload Colt would litterally say he is god Poco Guitar Bea Bea herself Mortis counting how many body his bat ate Penny counting coins Crow giving dagger poison Nita making her bear a bodyguard Byron chemichal think you should'nt know Jessie homework Max speedrunning poo Jacky yells at toilet Gene *NATURAL GENE UNHOLY SCREECHING* Brock "N-word i was lagging" Leon gon reduce to atom Amber accidentally burn the entire town Bull he prefer bush instead of toilet Bibi **punch dor** Frank he broke the toilet Emz Instagram Tara she reads your future Sandy accidentally sleep Gale he need help please help him Edgar fuggin cries Piper cookie El primo just a normal human Rosa she doing her think Dyna boom boom noises Bo he's stalking other guy

    LoeyOBBLoeyOBBPrije mjesec
  • I think spike would be the guy to explode animals and put them in lava for no reason

    TacosTacosPrije mjesec
  • Important topics???

    BananabeamBananabeamPrije mjesec
  • 8:40 Streetwear Max has a nose Also, 10/10 video. I got so many laughs from it 😂

    CraftySeaTurtleCraftySeaTurtlePrije mjesec
  • What

    Ina GvozdenovicIna GvozdenovicPrije mjesec
  • F in the comments for spike because he can’t say it himself

    Gus Brawl StarsGus Brawl StarsPrije mjesec
  • Hey coach cory everytime i try to change gadget or do something it kickes me out then i get a warning is this a glitch?

    Fre playFre playPrije mjesec
  • lol collet is missing from every tier list

    plamen georgievplamen georgievPrije mjesec
  • Wait hold on, doesn’t ruffs shoots like energy kind of bullets? (Similar to max but it bounces off walls)

    The Gray GhostThe Gray GhostPrije mjesec
  • i think bull and shelly should be grass

    Luka MeijboomLuka MeijboomPrije mjesec
  • Boxes are air type Pokémon

    Hein van VoorstHein van VoorstPrije mjesec
  • 69 dislikes

    PaoPao BrBPaoPao BrBPrije mjesec
  • 69 dislikes

    Kirby BoiKirby BoiPrije mjesec
  • Amber be like:where am I........

    Ryan ng Wei leRyan ng Wei lePrije mjesec
  • Spike is a creeper

    AckermanAckermanPrije mjesec
  • 6:53 oh look there is a bug bee

    ral 1243ral 1243Prije mjesec
    • I dont think this even sounds funy D:

      ral 1243ral 1243Prije mjesec
  • Coach Cory What is ur favorite pokemon and favorite pokemon type?

    Daffunny J. SeesDaffunny J. SeesPrije mjesec
  • Nani is not trash

    Ondrej TentoOndrej TentoPrije mjesec
  • Edgar would be crying in the toilet

    ΠολύδωροςΠολύδωροςPrije mjesec
    • @Danang Saputra Of course I don't. Who does?

      ΠολύδωροςΠολύδωροςPrije mjesec
    • No he's gonna do something you dont want to know

      Danang SaputraDanang SaputraPrije mjesec
  • 3:11 and 3:28 lol

    Nuez Орех [раньше было GD]Nuez Орех [раньше было GD]Prije mjesec
  • I just lagged out of a power play match and if I get lagged out again I get banned that’s so annoying I didn’t even wanna leave the game it just did when I picked a brawler

    RAT ToeRAT ToePrije mjesec
  • Mistake is i dont eat popcorn I dont roll in restaurants

    Darryl GzDarryl GzPrije mjesec
  • Carl does have a nose

    Krishanu RajKrishanu RajPrije mjesec
  • Good vids but u need to improve ur English Cory! 4:53 u said mans but it's men in plural.

    Ago Hugo AltjoeAgo Hugo AltjoePrije mjesec
  • I tried to make a tier list of all brawlers with stands but it wasn't a success

    Dhairya KumarDhairya KumarPrije mjesec
  • “Prob eating alone spike” Colette will sit with him

    *Kennytheglitcher**Kennytheglitcher*Prije mjesec
  • リックロールされる

  • is my profile hilarious ?

    eddy nugrohoeddy nugrohoPrije mjesec
  • Mortis poops bats crows poops daggers dynamike poops dynamike ;) that's why he said probably something you don't want to know

  • Dyna is not trash

    Emre OzkurtEmre OzkurtPrije mjesec
  • 8-bit is not bad

    Emre OzkurtEmre OzkurtPrije mjesec
  • but 8bit has a nose... a virtual one

    Milosz WojcikMilosz WojcikPrije mjesec
  • 1:25 you disobeyed mortis and rzm64

    Bill in YouTubeBill in YouTubePrije mjesec
  • Cory says best memes in brawls stars brawls stars memes 2/10

    blark blancoblark blancoPrije mjesec
  • You damn right this is content. Love this

    its XEDits XEDPrije mjesec
  • Imagine getting a legendary in 8 trophies

    Chigs BSChigs BSPrije mjesec
  • They take a (drill)

    matija kricajmatija kricajPrije mjesec
  • Piper isnt trash im god piper shelly is trash

    Doomstrike GamesDoomstrike GamesPrije mjesec
  • sprout doesn't have eyes and nose and mouth and ear and headddd shoulders kneees and toess wait what

    Boxuan LiuBoxuan LiuPrije mjesec
  • wait wait wait wait wait if dynamike is trash how did i win like a bajillion games with it in solo showdown (probally cuz i used satchel charge and they went Boom)

    Boxuan LiuBoxuan LiuPrije mjesec
  • Carl is have nose

    HackeR_BgHackeR_BgPrije mjesec
    • No he doesnt. The yellow dot is part of his hat, not his nose

      Disc 13Disc 13Prije mjesec
  • Fact-look closely Carl does have a nose

    Shobhit-BrawlStarsShobhit-BrawlStarsPrije mjesec
    • @Shobhit-BrawlStars The yellow dot is part of his hat, not his nose

      Disc 13Disc 13Prije mjesec
    • He have bro look

      Shobhit-BrawlStarsShobhit-BrawlStarsPrije mjesec
    • Nope

      Disc 13Disc 13Prije mjesec
  • Why is frank not in fly cause the glich with bo and frank going in air glich

    kecup squadkecup squadPrije mjesec
  • The new editing is so good that its almost confusing 😂

    Tanay GuptaTanay GuptaPrije mjesec
  • Wait a minute carl has a nose

    Duff Brawl StarsDuff Brawl StarsPrije mjesec
  • 9:10 watching this on the toilet 😎

    Muguen MelendezMuguen MelendezPrije mjesec
  • Tara does not talk shes just enjoying the food but we dont know because all she says is MmmmMMmMmM

    KewlChris UwUKewlChris UwUPrije mjesec
  • When all your highest/ best brawlers at the ‘trash’ place.

    Prakhar TayalPrakhar TayalPrije mjesec
  • Idea intro: Do you like memes? Well, you gotta sign. Cause your listening to meme review 129

    Diana Ann SuyatDiana Ann SuyatPrije mjesec
  • Meow(ify)

    meow ifymeow ifyPrije mjesec
  • Myth: coach cory gives his coments hearts

    Sikder BeautySikder BeautyPrije mjesec
  • Part 2 please?!

    Tegan RansomTegan RansomPrije mjesec
  • why do people think Mortis is trash :( an op Mortis can destroy tanks in close range

    Yuvansh BabooYuvansh BabooPrije mjesec
  • 416th hahahahahhahaah😂😂😂

  • I think the reason surge is a bad brawler for noobs, is because you have to be alive for his super to evolve you 😂

    Uncle SamUncle SamPrije mjesec
  • Funny, Piper is one of my favorites

    Connor KamConnor KamPrije mjesec
  • Me in the first one: EY YO WHERES AMBER

    Franz Aljen BaldoFranz Aljen BaldoPrije mjesec
  • When its too late that your comment don't get a heart by coach cory

    ItzDr1ItzDr1Prije mjesec
  • what a useful tierlist..

    brawl chaleinbrawl chaleinPrije mjesec
  • Why would bull talk to a manager He owns the diner

    Yuvendra Richie SutopoYuvendra Richie SutopoPrije mjesec
  • 9:51 explosives from dynamike? Diarrhea?

    Crocodile BSCrocodile BSPrije mjesec

    b i r bb i r bPrije mjesec
  • I wonder what Pam eats on the toilet...

    The WhovianThe WhovianPrije mjesec
  • When coach Cory forgets to upload about the new update Me: 👁👄👁

    Jacob Paul Maxton YapJacob Paul Maxton YapPrije mjesec
  • y U nO dO bRaWlEr oVeRaLl TiEr LiSt

    TheRaceMaster11 - iOSTheRaceMaster11 - iOSPrije mjesec
  • Me:trying to keep my cool because my coffee got inturupted Also me:cmon vid be good be good

    Robert andrei BagasbasRobert andrei BagasbasPrije mjesec
  • tick is fine i can use him on open maps

    Mr Lunar Lad - Brawl StarsMr Lunar Lad - Brawl StarsPrije mjesec