UNLIMITED HEALTH BUG in POISON GAS!? Top Plays in Brawl Stars 90

12. Ožu 2021.
154 811 Pregleda

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UNLIMITED HEALTH BUG in POISON GAS!? Top Plays in Brawl Stars 90
Here I show some of the best moments in brawl stars! Lots of crazy comeback victories, destroying teamers, and other crazy brawl stars plays, including some fails, glitches, wall hack glitch, gadgets, and funny moments in this brawl stars montage. Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy!
#CoachCory​​​​​​​ #BrawlStars​​​​​​​ #BSTP​
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    Coach Cory - Brawl StarsCoach Cory - Brawl StarsPrije mjesec
    • @Ridge Shiloh testing it out now. Looks to be working.

      Rodrigo AshtonRodrigo AshtonPrije mjesec
    • Dunno if anyone gives a shit but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram password by using Instaportal. You can find it by Googling for Instaportal password hacker if you wanna try it yourself

      Ridge ShilohRidge ShilohPrije mjesec
    • All do not sub to this guy he stole all of these memes

      Markuz Ymmañuel CastroMarkuz Ymmañuel CastroPrije mjesec
    • I don’t understand corys replies, there just little kids tryna be noticed,

      GeneralProwlGeneralProwlPrije mjesec
    • Nani 3 10/10 in one episode

      سيف نسيف نPrije mjesec
  • be nice you dont give a single nice review

    Straight Talk with RayStraight Talk with RayPrije 7 dana
  • 3:47 correction piper super

    U. D. D. SenseiU. D. D. SenseiPrije 9 dana
  • Frank op

    Wolf TonedWolf TonedPrije 14 dana
  • "PENNY 10/10 POTENTIAL PLAY OF THE GAME! " Me: also knowned as... *POG*

    Santi_Gamer 3Santi_Gamer 3Prije 20 dana
  • 4:13 that shelly is from india

    Random Gamers YTRandom Gamers YTPrije 20 dana
  • The 1st one was 10/10 honestly

    2316 - Brawl Stars2316 - Brawl StarsPrije 21 dan
  • Wats power play? RIP😢😢😢😢😢😢☹☹☹😭

    Surge proSurge proPrije 23 dana
  • 8:15 tamb

    JPCSM 13JPCSM 13Prije 28 dana
  • How can ı do 8:32 it is really cool and useful in friendly games😀😀

    Lego CapybaraLego CapybaraPrije 28 dana
  • BRUHHHHH that el primo in gen grab I just got el primo today and I didn’t even play gen grab it’s like each mega box you get something new or higher rirety box

    Jacob Carrizales-LopezJacob Carrizales-LopezPrije mjesec
    • Shut up 9 year old

      AlphaX64 - BSAlphaX64 - BSPrije 28 dana
  • What's the last background music

    Milan Thapar 28 dMilan Thapar 28 dPrije mjesec
  • Not a honest rating

    Indian wizardIndian wizardPrije mjesec
  • I accidentally tied in heist it was a base race

    Q da BeastQ da BeastPrije mjesec
  • 9:25 thats copy trickshot,That trickshot is JannieYT

    Nemanja BSNemanja BSPrije mjesec
  • I have a really good top play video how can I send him...

    Rishabh DasRishabh DasPrije mjesec
    • Reddit

      AlphaX64 - BSAlphaX64 - BSPrije 28 dana
  • How u make money by rating other people’s gameplay. Go make some actual content by yourself!

    Shadow AssassinShadow AssassinPrije mjesec
  • Coach Cory seems like he would have 2 mil subs

    Fighter YTFighter YTPrije mjesec
  • Soo no one is gonna talk about having 3 yellow teleporters? In the 1:34

    T GAMER14T GAMER14Prije mjesec
  • These are so awesome 🤩👍🔥

    Tejas Jain BrawlStarsTejas Jain BrawlStarsPrije mjesec
  • Giving the person who made the play the enemy team's rating: Koach Kory

    K͜͡a͜͡y͜͡d͜͡e͜͡n͜͡ S͜͡u͜͡t͜͡t͜͡o͜͡n͜͡K͜͡a͜͡y͜͡d͜͡e͜͡n͜͡ S͜͡u͜͡t͜͡t͜͡o͜͡n͜͡Prije mjesec
  • This is the first vidoe for the bets plays of the week that got 10 out of 10

    Brawl StarsBrawl StarsPrije mjesec
  • That penny play *10/10* Rosa finding a bug and standing there the whole game *10/10* What the heck man :/

    BryBryPrije mjesec
  • When an enemy team brawler gets a rating for their bad play, but you dont get a rating for your play

    Mandom ツMandom ツPrije mjesec
  • First time three plays got10/10

    GambitGambitPrije mjesec
  • Ugh, They were lot of ads I hate this

    Computer LegendComputer LegendPrije mjesec
  • I am in this play thanks coach coryy sir 😍😍😍 with shellyyy

    bharat lendebharat lendePrije mjesec
  • 4:27 2x speed

    J1pro GamingJ1pro GamingPrije mjesec
  • Peeple that have more then 10000:free extra super box🤣😂 .Peeple under 10000:No free super box😡😡!!

    Goran De StrooperGoran De StrooperPrije mjesec
    • Wtf... I dont understand

      AlphaX64 - BSAlphaX64 - BSPrije 28 dana
  • Am surprised thier were 3 10/10 in one video

    Alonso LopezAlonso LopezPrije mjesec
  • Not buff primo I'm:😭😭😭😭

    Dumb1k GamesDumb1k GamesPrije mjesec
  • THREE 10/10’S?!?!?!

    Banana CollapseBanana CollapsePrije mjesec
  • When you get a top play but cory rates the opponent team - *I Won but at what cost?*

    akash kashyapakash kashyapPrije mjesec
  • I was in the second play im so happy 😊

    Loh BraydenLoh BraydenPrije mjesec
  • Cory bro can u add me in channel pls pls

    Gamming with ZozoGamming with ZozoPrije mjesec
    • @Gamming with Zozo PlS ReSPoNd To mE KoRaY

      AlphaX64 - BSAlphaX64 - BSPrije 28 dana
    • Pls respond

      Gamming with ZozoGamming with ZozoPrije mjesec

    Thorleif :DThorleif :DPrije mjesec
  • U have nice t-shirt 👍

    foxy the pirate boyfoxy the pirate boyPrije mjesec
  • The video clips are stolen from moon stars or Tim brawl stars.😒😑😑😑

    Mayukh ChakrabortyMayukh ChakrabortyPrije mjesec
  • 8:31 that wasn’t a glitch that was an edit you can see gale disappeared

    sky macarambonsky macarambonPrije mjesec
  • Idea: don’t be late grab your hammer and open the crate it’s meme review 128

    Jimmy TheJimmy ThePrije mjesec
  • People just flex in this

    Berwyn KeysBerwyn KeysPrije mjesec
  • My top play didn't get in sad

    Meowshmallow IIMeowshmallow IIPrije mjesec
  • 8:32 that's video editing not bug see how gale dissapears

    Abhijay TankAbhijay TankPrije mjesec
  • “whats that sound im hearing,oh yes it is meme review 128”😎 pls tell me this is original

    TheOneIdiotTheOneIdiotPrije mjesec
  • Grab your hammer and smash a crate its meme review 128

    Adrian LedesmaAdrian LedesmaPrije mjesec
  • I see all this in funny moments

    Andrew Franqui valleAndrew Franqui vallePrije mjesec
  • 8:31 he green screen it, how?, because the poison is green😏

    Neal Zhyjjan AbustanNeal Zhyjjan AbustanPrije mjesec
  • Epic

    Mew SuperphoenixBSMew SuperphoenixBSPrije mjesec
  • Fun fact: When coach Cory votes for the red team that means the good team got 10/10

    Stewart LalremsangStewart LalremsangPrije mjesec
  • Obviously someone doesn't watch oj cheese

    lamrinlamrinPrije mjesec
  • Top Plays always reminds me of how strategic Brawl Stars can be. It gives players the most control of battle outcomes compared to coc and cr

    Aver 187Aver 187Prije mjesec
  • Cory where did u get the colt shirt i would like to buy it (if my parents allowed me xd)

    Cactus - Brawl StarCactus - Brawl StarPrije mjesec
  • Piper play

    DarkDevillDarkDevillPrije mjesec
  • POGG

    Legendary. exeLegendary. exePrije mjesec
  • Next week welcome to top cheese of the game

  • No wonder why you don’t got no subscribers cause your bad

    Pascal KargutPascal KargutPrije mjesec
    • @AlphaX64 - BS mine 678 bull now go away

      Pascal KargutPascal KargutPrije 28 dana
    • @Pascal Kargut btw what is your highest trophy brawler? Mine is surge... 600 surge

      AlphaX64 - BSAlphaX64 - BSPrije 28 dana
    • @AlphaX64 - BS its wonder work on your grammar or go back to preschool

      Pascal KargutPascal KargutPrije 28 dana
    • No wander you're bad....... Bluh bluh bluh bluh

      AlphaX64 - BSAlphaX64 - BSPrije 28 dana
  • 3 10/10s in 1 Video,What?

    Creative King-Brawl StarsCreative King-Brawl StarsPrije mjesec
  • Idea: Oh my meme review was uploaded late! Okay let's just sit back and watch meme review 128

    Diana Ann SuyatDiana Ann SuyatPrije mjesec
  • Three 10/10 😱😲

    HITeShHITeShPrije mjesec
  • @lighter_125 pls react to showdown of second gadgets 3 pls its cool

    seanplays 111mseanplays 111mPrije mjesec
  • Anyone just not like his videos anymore they used to be good but now it’s just meme reviews etc he doesn’t even do brawler ranking anymore his good content has gone away

    GGPrije mjesec
  • Omg the Edgar clip was like me when i had Piper and i was annoyed and destroyed him

  • Tomrow update

    Marliana NaiposposMarliana NaiposposPrije mjesec
  • ❤😍❤

    Mighty-Mouth GamingMighty-Mouth GamingPrije mjesec
  • I Used that cheese a lot ( the last clip)and my friend said it wasnt cheese :( but i still had fun with it:)

    Lance Dela TorreLance Dela TorrePrije mjesec
  • 8:14 this Rosa bug is not real. It’s all edited. You can see when gale jumps to Rosa he fades away and at the end a jump pad spawns under Rosa.

    My Dog ChaiMy Dog ChaiPrije mjesec
  • ... ..- -... ... -.-. .-. .. -... . Decode this

    Peely NanaPeely NanaPrije mjesec
  • Fact : this video is not for edgar 😂

    MarioXT_64MarioXT_64Prije mjesec
  • Typical Mortis things

    Tomoe02Tomoe02Prije mjesec
  • Cory you should rate the person who is the person who does it instead of the enem

    Jacob WangJacob WangPrije mjesec
  • Poison

    브롤스타즈준하리TV브롤스타즈준하리TVPrije mjesec
  • Thats edited he didnt have unlimited health the damage he took was gales damage tbh now days people do anything to be featured

    Frost FamilyFrost FamilyPrije mjesec
  • When you can't tell if the screen recording quality is bad or the yt video quality ;-;

    schmet ;Dschmet ;DPrije mjesec
  • 4:45 My name but without "styles" and space between Pro and Gamer😅

    ProGamer34 Gaming YTProGamer34 Gaming YTPrije mjesec
  • holy 3 10/10's

    Sing Chit LauSing Chit LauPrije mjesec
  • Gale with jump pad: imma do what’s called a pro gamer move

    Pancake GamingPancake GamingPrije mjesec
  • stop self promoting stfu

    Abby LiAbby LiPrije mjesec
  • Fact: The glitch of "Mortis going through the walls" will never disappear from Brawl Stars

    Matheus VictorinoMatheus VictorinoPrije mjesec
  • 7:50 that was even closer than everyone thought

    Puk Van de PettefletPuk Van de PettefletPrije mjesec
  • Nobody: Rip:bully’s people with college starpower and piper

    Atomic BombAtomic BombPrije mjesec
  • Somebody in the comments of the penny play tried to act like they were the random penny. The problem was that the post creator wasn't playing with randoms for that play

    HatKidSoldTheirSoulHatKidSoldTheirSoulPrije mjesec
  • Edgar -2? More like *Edgar -10*

    Rafael SousaRafael SousaPrije mjesec
  • *BUFF IDEAS* *El Primo:* main attack hits 4 x 504 -> 2 x 1008, Meteor Rush 4 seconds -> 5 seconds (Easier to get super and to deal faster damage) *Shelly:* clay pigeons same range as Tara and 50% extra damage total, Shell Shock 4 seconds -> 5 seconds, Band Aid 1800 health -> 2000 health (She gets more viability at higher trophies) *Bull:* gets super 15% faster (Helps getting closer or further away from enemies) *Carl:* range 20 tiles -> 23 tiles, Flying Hook 23 tiles -> 20 tiles (Gets his range back but gadget won’t be broken) *Dynamike:* health 3920 -> 4480, main attack explode range 10% buff, Fidget Spinner will aim more on enemies and damage 1200 -> 1500 (Less skill needed and more viability) *Poco:* Protective Tunes 1 second -> 3 seconds, Screeching Solo damage 800 -> 1000, Da Capo! heal 700 -> 750 (Better in 1v1 situations and tanks automatically get buffed)

    FireFreaksFireFreaksPrije mjesec
    • omg no pls

      Rizwana SattarRizwana SattarPrije mjesec
  • I dont like seeing noob mortises, there are so many good mortises my like,c"who has rank 28 in randoms bb only :)

    Ansh Brawl StarsAnsh Brawl StarsPrije mjesec
    • After just a 1000 tilts but I did it

    • I do only randoms in bb

  • i was surge and watching a lou fight. 1 of them hit the tiny bush i was in, but i didnt take damage. then an amber revealed me, bringing me to #5

    vasilij trajkovskivasilij trajkovskiPrije mjesec
  • 2:20 and 8:35 and 10:12 :o

    SmipeSmipePrije mjesec
  • Three 10/10s today

    Zara ZayanZara ZayanPrije mjesec
  • Tá tá tá rá hahahahah 1000000000000000000000000000000\10

    Vinícius NatelnaVinícius NatelnaPrije mjesec
  • 1:44 this guy has the same name as me but it’s not even me lol.

    War HistoryWar HistoryPrije mjesec
  • OJ: copies meme review Cory: copies cheese

    Scrappy BSScrappy BSPrije mjesec
  • No one: Literally no one: *A rosa surviving in the fog* Yea I did figure it out now, it's edited that damage rosa is taking is gales damage the guy just cut out rosa and pasted it in the fog

    • Yeah lmao where did the gale dissapear

      AH4 Gaming 个AH4 Gaming 个Prije mjesec
    • look at this 8:32

      ColleteColletePrije mjesec
    • And fog doesn’ deal that amount of damage

      Nettie KlokNettie KlokPrije mjesec
    • i think yea the gas was taking to long

      lengiojeflengiojefPrije mjesec

      Ethan MarburgerEthan MarburgerPrije mjesec
  • 8:14 it's edit dah

    Χρηστος ΠαπαντιδηςΧρηστος ΠαπαντιδηςPrije mjesec
  • Your t-shirt is awesome :0

    Konrád VasKonrád VasPrije mjesec
  • Gale: OMG I GOT IN COACH CORY'S VIDEO WHAAAT Also Coach Cory: Red team 4/10 Gale:😐😢

    Chris LitsosChris LitsosPrije mjesec
  • *5:09 Nono Cory that is not a thing

    Marco TrunnellMarco TrunnellPrije mjesec
  • 10/10 record today 3 10/10 impressive

    Kylo ren 2199 gangKylo ren 2199 gangPrije mjesec
  • Yo mama is Obama

    Colein GDColein GDPrije mjesec
  • Wow first time I see 10/10

    Leo FeriasLeo FeriasPrije mjesec
  • these are my favorite videos by you!

    Sprite RefreshedSprite RefreshedPrije mjesec
    • Glad you like them!

      Coach Cory - Brawl StarsCoach Cory - Brawl StarsPrije mjesec
  • TO CORY AND WASSEEM! Soetimes I can't tell if the edits are from the person who posted the video cort reacts to, or if the edits are from Wasseem, this may not be a problem to others but if Wasseem would add like a tag/watermark in the corner for HIS editz (like a star or smt simple), tht would be epic, thanks!

    JAY R0JAY R0Prije mjesec