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  • Me seeing almost 100 ADS FOR THIS GAME even though its not on mobile: ._. Why

    Cherry BerryCherry BerryPrije 4 dana
  • Cory calling smashers 'brawlers'

    just a regular guyjust a regular guyPrije 11 dana
  • Interesting game

    Zany SkeletonZany SkeletonPrije 25 dana
  • Fun fact: All the caracters in this game are based in Fairy storys' Characters.

    Animator StudiosAnimator StudiosPrije mjesec
    • Or Nita gadget cause Alice can stun

      Syuhael Ail AbdadSyuhael Ail AbdadPrije 15 dana
    • Name Character legends type of brawlers first Peter the mortis,Red the Leon,Alice the jessie or jacky,kaiser the El primo,Hook the Ricochet with Darryl or collonel ruffs cause they have the same attacks

      Syuhael Ail AbdadSyuhael Ail AbdadPrije 15 dana
  • his bs account be like: well i guess I'll go smash legend: yea go away

    hosfl gamerhosfl gamerPrije mjesec
    • Spike : cant speak : he said how could you to this to me i cant belive you ! Cory after i made you the true BS employe of the month

      Syuhael Ail AbdadSyuhael Ail AbdadPrije 10 dana
  • But it has a lot of technical difficulties :(

    John LennonJohn LennonPrije mjesec
  • me: wants this game also me: in terms of phones we have bleustack

  • brawl stars: you betrayed me

    CoralCoralPrije mjesec
    • Spike : Not Happy 🙃

      Syuhael Ail AbdadSyuhael Ail AbdadPrije 10 dana
  • it looks like brawl stars just more 3D

    cxney creamcxney creamPrije mjesec
  • Hmmm i donno seams that you did it for the money

    Edvin Larsson-PetersonEdvin Larsson-PetersonPrije mjesec
  • is this a joke

    Mastermanyop LolMastermanyop LolPrije mjesec
  • “Oh I’m a frog, that’s kinda cool”

    BobbleBobblePrije mjesec
    • Queen witch utimate i mean her super is changing the brawler into a green 🐸 does brawl stars have that moves

      Syuhael Ail AbdadSyuhael Ail AbdadPrije 15 dana
  • dude this game is copy of brawlstars but better 🥰. This game has amazing music, awesome ui and beautiful characters. definitely worth downloading 🙂

    Cake walkCake walkPrije mjesec
  • Just got game and hook is op and also red

    Brawl StarrBrawl StarrPrije mjesec
  • Please tell this is a sponsor cause it's so obvious the game is copying brawl star

    Among SongAmong SongPrije mjesec
  • Plot twist: Its just a very long sponsor video

    Bryan UBryan UPrije mjesec
  • It really be like that when your playing another game and you ALWAYS call.the. Brawler XD

    thenewkid :/thenewkid :/Prije mjesec
  • The moment you realize its april 13th rn

    Chxrry_WishChxrry_WishPrije mjesec
  • This is an anime version of Brawl Stars, seems fun tho but I wont play it.

    Taraemo GTaraemo GPrije mjesec
  • Brawl stars. Smash Legends -Trophy Road. l Metal Road 0:18 - Brawlers. l Legends - Hot Zone. l Dominion 2:38 - Power Points. l Puzzle Piece - Gene. l Alice 3:10 - Solo Showdown l Battle Royal 7:05 - Brawl Pass l Smash Pass This game is great in a way (Smash Legends), but for me it’s almost like a Spin-off. If wondering why I added Gene & Alice on the chart. Look at Gene super then look at Alice mechanics.

    LuckyDiceLuckyDicePrije mjesec
  • this is like Lost Saga! It's basically identical Yall don't understand!!!! It's lost saga game play with Brawl stars UI

    Waffles SyrupWaffles SyrupPrije mjesec
  • This game is sick, dude. Need to download it.

    GachaTale09IYT XanderTaleGachaTale09IYT XanderTalePrije mjesec
  • Wait that looks like brawl stars copy it has keys puzzle pices like power points and that brawler mai is like mei from overwatch that cat too like genji from overwatch as well and stands like him im not hater or anyrhing i suport this chanel and im using code cory but it looks like duble copy tbh

    Filip Gaming YTFilip Gaming YTPrije mjesec
  • this is tottaly not a sponsor

    CaskillerweebCaskillerweebPrije mjesec
  • This game is awesome!

    Dark GriphonDark GriphonPrije mjesec
  • I played it. It is fun and kind of like brawl Stars

    Nolan SundellNolan SundellPrije mjesec
  • New game Needs and expensive phone to play it smoothly🥴

    MrWaHs PlaysMrWaHs PlaysPrije mjesec
  • this is a straight up copy of brawl stars lmao

    rodr8060 rodr8060rodr8060 rodr8060Prije mjesec
  • I found this game from chief pat and i’ve got 4 smashers and 3 modes

    Jivraj KhanejaJivraj KhanejaPrije mjesec
  • is that a straight rip off..

    Peter WuPeter WuPrije mjesec
  • THAT GAME LOOKS SO FUN I like the cat character :)

    Dimond cat99Dimond cat99Prije mjesec
    • They didint add a cat 🐱 brawler in Brawl Stars

      Syuhael Ail AbdadSyuhael Ail AbdadPrije 15 dana
  • is this a sponsor?

    qwerty asdfqwerty asdfPrije mjesec
  • Only in EU and Canada:(

    Dru BalDru BalPrije mjesec
  • A long ranged BRAWLER

    CravE KirbyCravE KirbyPrije mjesec
  • my ears have exploded

    Toustík CZToustík CZPrije mjesec
  • Lol the menu looks just like brawl stars menu

    Sifoe KecheSifoe KechePrije mjesec
  • This game reminds me of mobile legends

    purple asasin pg3dpurple asasin pg3dPrije mjesec
  • Fun fact: The viewers of this video are actually Coach Cory's fans

    56-Suryawanshi Parash56-Suryawanshi ParashPrije mjesec
    • The dislikes: Allow us to introduce ourselves

      Sour Milk2Sour Milk2Prije mjesec
  • Was this made by supercell?

    Edgy_ AxolotlEdgy_ AxolotlPrije mjesec
    • No

      no uno uPrije mjesec
  • day 1 of telling that this game copies brawl stars

    Tom KoTom KoPrije mjesec
  • That game is so cool

    Mango BoyMango BoyPrije mjesec
  • Cory: makes a vid on a new game game Everyone: no likes

    Gaming Planet with DronGaming Planet with DronPrije mjesec

    MatTh3StarMatTh3StarPrije mjesec
  • 🧢🧢🧢🧢 is your favorite game because the sponsored you .😔😔 Edited : no hate

    Emmanuel AEmmanuel APrije mjesec
    • Unsubscribed

      Emmanuel AEmmanuel APrije mjesec
  • me who lives in norway: yeahhehe boi (also i think this is just a ripoff of brawl stars except its really really good)

    Hypnot1cHypnot1cPrije mjesec
    • @Chandler Owens yeah, plus the mechanics are a bit unusual, like you cant aim or anything, just tap

      Hypnot1cHypnot1cPrije mjesec
    • The gameplay is different but the menu and progression is copied

      Chandler OwensChandler OwensPrije mjesec
  • Ok

    L U N A A A A A A A AL U N A A A A A A A APrije mjesec
  • This is basically genshin impact plus brawl stars

    RubzTheGrubzRubzTheGrubzPrije mjesec
  • This game is so much fun

    RL SanityyRL SanityyPrije mjesec
  • Day 1 of waiting to be at top play review

    Franco AgsaulioFranco AgsaulioPrije mjesec
  • *its like inspired by brawl stars*

    Uɾ Dɾҽαɱιɳɠ Bσƙυ Nσ Hҽɾσ FAN - YTUɾ Dɾҽαɱιɳɠ Bσƙυ Nσ Hҽɾσ FAN - YTPrije mjesec
    • @Shobhana Srivastava *its a new game how wil it be COPIED!?*

      Uɾ Dɾҽαɱιɳɠ Bσƙυ Nσ Hҽɾσ FAN - YTUɾ Dɾҽαɱιɳɠ Bσƙυ Nσ Hҽɾσ FAN - YTPrije mjesec
    • nahh most of the things are directly copied

      Shobhana SrivastavaShobhana SrivastavaPrije mjesec
  • Is brawl stars better or smash legend better? Hmmmm....

    Retr0v0lt GamingRetr0v0lt GamingPrije mjesec
  • Dau 1 of Ramadan might be on the 13th lol 😂

    DZ GAMINGDZ GAMINGPrije mjesec
  • When you already know this game :pwo

    Thamsi RizomboThamsi RizomboPrije mjesec
  • I am dutch, the Netherlands is in the EU, its not availeble in my country.

    Prije mjesec
  • Bruh no hate but this is a copy of brawl stars and I don’t like anime

    Hadi AlmlkHadi AlmlkPrije mjesec
  • Another brawl stars rip off like look at the screen it has the trophies and friends and game modes and the play more in the same place as brawl stars cory stop promoting rip off supercell games please

    Samy WadeeaSamy WadeeaPrije mjesec
  • It’s kinda a mix between brawl stars and smash bros

    SamdbestoyeSamdbestoyePrije mjesec
  • 14k views if its not a brawl stars video XD

    Powar BwearPowar BwearPrije mjesec
  • I think i know why you like this game

    D :D :Prije mjesec
  • Coach Cory:You can jump here Edgar's Super Primo's Super Surge's Super Just add more i can't think more

    FocussFocussPrije mjesec
    • In Smash Legend they add a little bit Copy the Smash Bros Jump's i guess

      Syuhael Ail AbdadSyuhael Ail AbdadPrije 7 dana
    • Especially Dynamike Jump Star Power 🤔 Can Works Everytime

      Syuhael Ail AbdadSyuhael Ail AbdadPrije 7 dana
    • That is for 1 Jump in Smash Bros you can Jump Anything what you want

      Syuhael Ail AbdadSyuhael Ail AbdadPrije 7 dana
    • Crow's super Piper's super Brock's gadget Dynamike's starpower Gale's gadget Getting hit by primo's gadget

      Abo AlashrafAbo AlashrafPrije mjesec
  • Cory, I like the game but it does not have many views 😭

    Mitchell BonelloMitchell BonelloPrije mjesec
  • And i thought it was Friday night funkin'

    CommentererrCommentererrPrije mjesec
    • If you like someone who likes you tell to Hornstromp

      Syuhael Ail AbdadSyuhael Ail AbdadPrije 10 dana
  • brawl stars coppy

    rasmus ekkelundrasmus ekkelundPrije mjesec
  • When u watch Cory's video during class cus it's more important than school

    Elie Andrew MarounElie Andrew MarounPrije mjesec
  • Looks cool but this aren't the types of games i play

    GnomeGnomePrije mjesec
  • sob rawl stars but more complicatedd

    noam knoam kPrije mjesec
  • Is it mobile game???

    _PAIZTER__PAIZTER_Prije mjesec
  • cory: is time for the top plays in smash legends me: . . . . .

    Alarick Divaio IrawanAlarick Divaio IrawanPrije mjesec
  • are you still gonna make brawl stars vid cause i think this is a brawl channel not that and its like a copy of brawl stars and are you just gonna make this channel a smah legends channel

    Marlyn BellezaMarlyn BellezaPrije mjesec
  • I don’t wana say it but Its a brawl stars rip-off

    Nasrin AliNasrin AliPrije mjesec

      Legend ALegend APrije mjesec
    • Ya it is

      Legend ALegend APrije mjesec
  • HRworld: includes paid promotion Kinda sus

    neca gamingneca gamingPrije mjesec
  • That looks so cool! Big is the game?

    Chaos TitanChaos TitanPrije mjesec
  • this game was actually good thanks cory for telling me

    Pro26Pro26Prije mjesec

    a ea ePrije mjesec
  • Basicly bs but anime style

    super gamersuper gamerPrije mjesec
    • Not in 🇦🇺

      Syuhael Ail AbdadSyuhael Ail AbdadPrije 10 dana
    • Anime's for 🇯🇵

      Syuhael Ail AbdadSyuhael Ail AbdadPrije 10 dana
  • next vid should be clash quest

    No OneNo OnePrije mjesec
  • You know when it’s a brawl stars clone when Cory says brawler

    TickyYTTickyYTPrije mjesec
  • Im still trying to figure out if he really likes the game, he is sponsored or if he is just laughing with the game for how much it looks like brawl stars

    tibe vanbesientibe vanbesienPrije mjesec
  • The name is a clear ripoff of BrawlStars but the game itself is more like a combination of BrawlStars (it’s more then 50% just BrawlStars) and SuperSmashBros. Ultimate

    Twan DalmolenTwan DalmolenPrije mjesec
  • This game is incredible ! 🤩 it’s at the same time brawl stars and ssb

    Hontail Back 3Hontail Back 3Prije mjesec
  • 0:43 bRaWl sTaR riP OoF cOnfutmeed?!

    The Noob PikachuThe Noob PikachuPrije mjesec
    • @Daksh Gaming umm.....?

      The Noob PikachuThe Noob PikachuPrije mjesec
    • Daksh GamingDaksh GamingPrije mjesec
  • The game is like brawl stars

    I do not now how to call this chanal !I do not now how to call this chanal !Prije mjesec
  • It’s called smash legends cause of the explosions on the side of the screen when enemies die

    Spirited00Spirited00Prije mjesec
  • bro 96% of this game is brawl stars ripoff

    WastedBroccoli47WastedBroccoli47Prije mjesec
    • I can agree with you smart one

      The Noob PikachuThe Noob PikachuPrije mjesec
  • Literally brawl stars and lol combined

    Scott WiandScott WiandPrije mjesec
  • Coach Cory brawl stars a new game means he needs To change his name

    Thompy PantsThompy PantsPrije mjesec
  • No offense, but its just a brawl stars wannabe The loading screen, the modes, almost everything is the same and the game looks bad in general, in the gameplay its clearly seen that the characters aren't animated well and the controls are terrible. Its not your fault but a sponser paying a youtuber to say their mediocre game is the best game they have ever played is a bit too much, again no offense!

    ZeDeagleEyeZeDeagleEyePrije mjesec
    • It is an hybrid of both brawl stars and super smash bros

      ln sln sPrije mjesec
  • ngl im offended from how much you like this since its so similar to brawl stars

    some dude on the internetsome dude on the internetPrije mjesec
    • Litterally a brawl stars rip off

      The Noob PikachuThe Noob PikachuPrije mjesec
  • 600th like yay

    StarcastStarcastPrije mjesec
  • It look like Brawl stars rip off tho

    ArdhiBoy - Brawl StarsArdhiBoy - Brawl StarsPrije mjesec
  • It can be really satisfying and rewarding boys he there’s a new sypher pk in town

    Cynthia JohnsonCynthia JohnsonPrije mjesec
  • Wait isn’t this new game a copycat of Brawl Stars?

    Cocoa LatteCocoa LattePrije mjesec
  • Is it just me or does this look like brawl stars

    Alison HallAlison HallPrije mjesec
  • Sometimes I feel like there’s a gun behind Cory’s back

    Memer BoiMemer BoiPrije mjesec
    • He knew the rules, and so did i

      EliNinja 21EliNinja 21Prije mjesec
    • Me: *seeing this guy pfp* Hmmm.

      OPstreamerOPstreamerPrije mjesec
  • Please stick to brawl stars! I will be sad if you do not do any more meme reviews!

  • it's like Brawl stars and Lost Saga combined into one game!!!

    dabs tanurdabs tanurPrije mjesec
  • The game looks similar... I wonder why Cory really likes Brawl stars kind of layout.

    dabs tanurdabs tanurPrije mjesec
  • this is basically frag pro shooter just a little different

    Kyle ChanKyle ChanPrije mjesec
  • Is it just me or does it look like brawl stars a little

    Ja4denJa4denPrije mjesec
  • Do you have early access

    cr1sscross animationcr1sscross animationPrije mjesec