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Here we go over the new January Brawl Talk going over the Brawl Stars update! There is a new chromatic brawler Colonel Ruffs (and Kit?) 7 new skins, D4r-ry1, Ronin Ruffs, Space Ox Bull, Navigator Colette, Dark Lord Spike, Dark Tide Carl, and also Smooth Lou. 8 New gadgets: frank, gene, poco, mr p, nani, rosa, tara, and tick. Championship challenge is back, as well as a new esports tab. New animated pins and lunar new year pins. Thanks for watching!
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    • Its fast and good

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    • I will buy all the Lunar 2019 Skins with Code Cory :D

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    • Start: 0:00 End: 1:05 lol

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    • You forgot the gadgets 😅

    • It's not even an update but ok

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  • Gotta to fast!

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  • Informations: 60s long! Me: its 63s 😾

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  • Brawl Talk: releases Cory: CONTENT

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  • Hey Cory, why are there no sneak peeks coming?

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  • Its 65 😡

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  • dream's been real quiet since cory started speedrunning

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  • Hy

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  • Maybe Is kit the second brawler next month?

    ÆØ-AgentSandy _37 Brawl Stars Frag iDHLSOSXÆØ-AgentSandy _37 Brawl Stars Frag iDHLSOSXPrije mjesec
  • "BRAWL STARS UPDATE IN 60 SECONDS" and 5 seconds

    MASTER TimbixMASTER TimbixPrije mjesec
  • Who else saw the full leak before watching the brawl talk?

  • The cat brawler that was shown in the brawl talk poster was dark lord spike

    Chandan Shankar DasChandan Shankar DasPrije mjesec
  • Great animated pins for spike. And no voice...

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  • Title:*NEW*BRAWL STARS UPDATE IN 60 SECONDS! (January) Me:looks at time Also me:5 seconds late

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  • 0:18 like Cory speed

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  • This man is who Eminem is fear to rap against

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  • Do you think the "supply crate" will give randoms as much stupidity as an energy drink

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  • It looks like Tara will have a gadget that summons mini Shawdows

    JustCactus YTJustCactus YTPrije mjesec

    Nicholas JaymeNicholas JaymePrije mjesec
  • 0:47 Cory said it better than dani lol 🤣

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  • So awesome

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    • Omg Coach Cory did heart me Edit:sorry for my bad englisch

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  • he sounds like a car announcer ._.

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  • Speed and boost like an energy drink” oh no, more stupidity

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  • Blue glasses made in a new vid Pls go react it

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  • Is the new year pins free ?

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  • I think kit is rare or trophy road character

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  • Coach cory vs max Max: i am speeeed Cory : our battle will be legendart🔥

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  • No update yet

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  • Fake

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  • make more of these for future brawl talks pls!

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  • Fun fact: herione bibi now has mouth movement

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    • I didnt notice 😶

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  • Coach cory: 1 minute Me sees 1:05 liar

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  • Coach Cory Speedrunning the Brawl talk update in 2021 (NOT CLICCBAIT) .Any%

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  • cory speedrun brawl talk

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  • Brawl Stars speedrun

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  • I use Code Cory and got Surge and Amber in a big box

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  • Lou Jackson looks cool but he is not criminal. He is Lou.

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  • Why didn't u come in my notification Edit-I realized my notification is off

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  • Brawl talk after stream Brawl stars content creators: Allow us to introduce ourselves!

    Juan Carlo TamondongJuan Carlo TamondongPrije mjesec
  • All the Taras in Showdown once the update comes: *ritual time*

    VanillaBeansVanillaBeansPrije mjesec
  • That “subscribe for more sneak peaks” at the end was so cute tho

    MewTube GamingMewTube GamingPrije mjesec
  • "Next update will be in March or sooner" *_Im sensing balance changes for Edgar and Byron_*

    Noval ChanNoval ChanPrije mjesec
  • Brawl talk:*normal* Coach cory:*SPEED*!!!!!!

    it's_spikeit's_spikePrije mjesec
  • The face of cory at the outro

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  • cory the colonel ruffs second skin super haves sword it is right?

    Har Tung houHar Tung houPrije mjesec
  • Brawl stars gives the same info a little sneakily and doesn't show the important stuff properly COCH CORY on the other hand takes lesser time but explains everything in detail in just 60 seconds Now I know why mcu killed quicksilver

  • Maybe i'm the only one but i really dislike these types of videos, watching this or watching brawl talk it's literally the same thing because you're just informing us about everything, which brawl talk already does that, i loved when you gave your opinion about the things coming in the update

    Martin HerreraMartin HerreraPrije mjesec

    ASHDOESASHDOESPrije mjesec
  • 64 seconds 👌✨

    • spoon uwu •• spoon uwu •Prije mjesec
  • When will lunar Event Starts?

    Youssef AbdellaouiYoussef AbdellaouiPrije mjesec
  • CC : Two Shot Meeeeee : Too short

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  • How much are the skins.....

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  • Bibs has face animation! Edit: not the pin!

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  • Max:buy energy drink Cory:lets buy Max:thanks for buy energy drink Cory:its time for speed

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  • I feel like he didnt breath for the entire video...sub and like and turn on notifications to all to pay respect

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  • Welcome to bral_ My notifications 100+

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  • Imagine franks new gadget makes him to keep moving while attacking that would be cool and OP

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  • 10 people Eminem doesn't dare to mess with. No.1 : Coach Cory

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  • He's name in not coach its *SPEED CORY*

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  • Im happy that this Brawl Stars update announcement happened in my birthday!! 🎈🎈🎉🎊

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    • Happy Birthday!

      Coach Cory - Brawl StarsCoach Cory - Brawl StarsPrije mjesec
  • Omg Omg I saw it!!!Collete super didn't stop from cap ruff attack but from gene gadget if u look closely!!!!!!!

    Abhi BharatAbhi BharatPrije mjesec
  • I can already see the we have taras gadget at home memes with rosas new gadget

    Leonardo BecerraLeonardo BecerraPrije mjesec
  • Cool and all but brawl talk is literally only 1 minute longer

    MoneyCookie 333MoneyCookie 333Prije mjesec
  • Colonel ruffs damage boost is 20%

    Pandu PrajaPandu PrajaPrije mjesec
  • This video is has more than 60 seconds of news. You lied to us

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  • Bork

    Red CrewmateRed CrewmatePrije mjesec
  • This is just brawl talk 2.0

    jeyam subbiahjeyam subbiahPrije mjesec
  • You always say one thing wrong in your 60 seconds video. Last time you said that Edgar’s sp was going to be extra speed, but that was wrong. This time you said colonel ruff’s super will give a damage and speed boost. It actually gives you a damage and health buff.

    Shlok DeshpandeShlok DeshpandePrije mjesec
  • I'ma buy virus 8 bit it looks cool

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  • When coach cory get to excited for brawl talk

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  • Gogogogooooo

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  • Great video!

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    • Glad you enjoyed it

      Coach Cory - Brawl StarsCoach Cory - Brawl StarsPrije mjesec
  • I don't understand how all these brawl stars HRworldrs speedrun this video ;_;

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  • i got an ad about the brawl talk on THIS video.

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  • I love the smile you did in the end lol

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  • oh no not again

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  • Why did this feel like way more than a minute

    Pyro-Brawl StarsPyro-Brawl StarsPrije mjesec
  • If this vid gets 30k Views Cory has to shave his beard

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  • Cory: hey Sonic, can we hang out together

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  • At this time cory more slower

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  • Why only a minute long video 😭😭😭

    ScarzzzScarzzzPrije mjesec
  • Nice xD

    Reivad 18Reivad 18Prije mjesec
  • Am I the only one that noticed Colonel Ruffs got a health boost when he picked up the supply drop?

    The Dumbest Brawl Stars GuyThe Dumbest Brawl Stars GuyPrije mjesec
  • supercell just give us captain carl skin for starpoints

    KotstarsKotstarsPrije mjesec
  • Wow

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  • When updat is available?

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  • This is very accurate 👍

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  • KairosTime:* is this a challenge*

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  • 8 year olds: “But it’s 1:05 minutes long”

    huh - Brawl Starshuh - Brawl StarsPrije mjesec

    Mr. BruhMr. BruhPrije mjesec
    • Beginning took 2 seconds and end took 3 seconds. Subtract 65 by 5 and you get 60. It's brawl talk in 1 minute not the video in 1 minute

      NO0BYNO0BYPrije mjesec
  • I'm sorry Coach Cory but, I don't get how a brawler named Kit is hinted. If you're talking about the old thumbnail, that's Dark Lord Spike. If you're talking about what they said in the Brawl Talk, I think that was a joke, but this one's debatable

    Halit Efe ÖnderHalit Efe ÖnderPrije mjesec
  • 65 seconds tho

    littleme goes crazylittleme goes crazyPrije mjesec
  • that is 1:05 not 60 seconds

    CoralCoralPrije mjesec
  • Title:"brawl stars update il 60 seconds" Video:"65 seconds"

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  • This is even more understandable than the original brawl talk

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  • You lied to us its 1:05

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  • My birthday is 9n lunar new year !!! What

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  • i hate that i saw colonel ruffs leaked on twitter :(

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