⚠️ Colonel Ruffs in 60 Seconds ⚠️

25. Sij 2021.
54 939 Pregleda

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Everything YOU Need to Know About new brawler Colonel Ruffs in 60 Seconds! Full stats, star power, gadget, and more.
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    Coach Cory - Brawl StarsCoach Cory - Brawl StarsPrije mjesec
    • That was 1 minute and 4

      royale x kg goblin kinroyale x kg goblin kinPrije mjesec
    • That was 65 sec

      Lucas SimsLucas SimsPrije mjesec
    • @TheMightyDodo yeh?

      steph xgamersteph xgamerPrije mjesec
    • How is Coach Cory still at 200k he has great content

      TheMightyDodoTheMightyDodoPrije mjesec
    • imagine if coronel ruff is in 1 by 1 hole and yses his gadget it stacks XD also if enemy pushes

      BruhBruhPrije mjesec
  • Coach Cory: C. Ruffs in 60 Seconds! Viewers: 65 Seconds

    CrowCrowPrije 19 dana
  • the vid is 1:05 not 1:00

    pagamer 88pagamer 88Prije 22 dana
  • Karu

    SmarthGuy _SmarthGuy _Prije 23 dana
  • The best way to use ruffs is to buff yourself with the super then kill everyone else and buff your team

    BlitzySlasherBlitzySlasherPrije mjesec
  • 1:04???!!!!

    AYAYPrije mjesec
  • Coach cory its actually 64 seconds just to be clear

    Carmen FernandoCarmen FernandoPrije mjesec
  • dream : speedruns minecraft cory : *speedruns brawl talk*

    SFar1502SFar1502Prije mjesec
  • hi

    CoralCoralPrije mjesec
  • 0:34 F in the chat for enemy team

    Nasrin Raghib MotlaqNasrin Raghib MotlaqPrije mjesec
  • it was actually 64 seconds not 60 grr

    danny bonanidanny bonaniPrije mjesec
  • Dude I love youuuuuu

    Leonardo VazquezLeonardo VazquezPrije mjesec
  • Awesome

    Leonardo VazquezLeonardo VazquezPrije mjesec
  • Looveeeee

    Leonardo VazquezLeonardo VazquezPrije mjesec
  • It will be fun 😃

    Tejas Jain BrawlStarsTejas Jain BrawlStarsPrije mjesec
  • When coach Cory makes a 1 minute video in 1:05 minutes: 🤨

    KindOfAEpicGamerKindOfAEpicGamerPrije mjesec
  • One speedy talk like Max

    The Sky GamerThe Sky GamerPrije mjesec
  • Some brawlers got some new facial animations

    Tiffany BradleyTiffany BradleyPrije mjesec

    Rey-Brawl StarsV2Rey-Brawl StarsV2Prije mjesec
  • Saniye Bey...

    NasuhNasuhPrije mjesec
  • 65 second

    yasin gameryasin gamerPrije mjesec
  • I paused the video so Cory could take a breath

    X Æ A-12X Æ A-12Prije mjesec
  • Finally my 1 brawl pass yeeeeesss

    GlitchedAnimaçõesGlitchedAnimaçõesPrije mjesec
  • “Fastest reload speed at the game” *Le Edgar reloado speedo!*

    HappyWhiteHappyWhitePrije mjesec
  • Didn't know that the amount of hp healed by byron is based on the attack

    Hongy HypsilophodonHongy HypsilophodonPrije mjesec
  • I’m just glad the dog doesn’t poop inside

    Yin_And_YangYin_And_YangPrije mjesec
  • Cory:all you need to know in 60 seconds Me: I’m disappointed it is 65 Cory come on

    Mr MegaMr MegaPrije mjesec
  • Coach cory: jkdfdsjfklnldsjfldsjfleskdfjjes me: what did u say?

    CX-O-StarCX-O-StarPrije mjesec
  • I just got collete from big box

    Pain the patrickPain the patrickPrije mjesec
  • Tnx for saving my data😀😀

    Atharva Raskar 03Atharva Raskar 03Prije mjesec
  • Ngl It was very entertaining and fun way of making videos

    FabenzoFabenzoPrije mjesec
  • i love these vids you have ur own style kairos is olympics rey is glitches ben is every update change or one v one versus oj oj is cosplay lex is one v one with every brawler and pat is contradicting himself One title "worst brawler ever" next he is op you do one minute vids

    JxiceBox BSJxiceBox BSPrije mjesec
  • can't you just give a shotout to chiken the one that made this video idea

    Mit sukiMit sukiPrije mjesec
  • 2-3 seconds more, good luck clickbaiting the tine

    Pekka PiePekka PiePrije mjesec
  • I like that he explains everything in a minute, and all the other youtubers explain just the same but in 20 minutes.

    Andrej DjuricAndrej DjuricPrije mjesec
  • Chiken did the same thingggg

    Nikhil RamanNikhil RamanPrije mjesec
  • coach cory is speedrunning his explaintions of colonel ruffs

    YTDarkishiYTDarkishiPrije mjesec
  • It’s 65 seconds

    Class PartyClass PartyPrije mjesec
  • Omg i so needed this !! thanks cory :)

    Nitin WadekarNitin WadekarPrije mjesec
  • Hi, I don’t mind this 1 minute video thing, but it would be more enjoyable if you took your time and went in detail

    The Volt Brawl starsThe Volt Brawl starsPrije mjesec
  • It's actually 64 seconds

    JadenMorficJadenMorficPrije mjesec
  • Can't wait to use him in robo rumble

    Big BoyBig BoyPrije mjesec
  • 65 seconds

    Dotai yotoDotai yotoPrije mjesec
  • My saving for this season really worth it

    BlueBearry XDBlueBearry XDPrije mjesec
  • 0:39 you can charge his super with 3 of his super: sToNkS

    min._.min._.Prije mjesec
  • 64 sec not 60 hahahahaha

    steph xgamersteph xgamerPrije mjesec
  • Bruh dis isn’t even a minute

    The ImpastaThe ImpastaPrije mjesec
  • Kairostime,oj,lex: 8to10min videos. Coach cory:1min😎

    leang huyleang huyPrije mjesec
  • 1:02 is the ending So it’s actually 62 seconds

    MrChocoMrChocoPrije mjesec
  • Byron didnt get nerf?

    Widya Anugrah PutraWidya Anugrah PutraPrije mjesec
  • Other HRworldr : Lets make little long Video get Good watch Time and Earn More..... Coach Cory : I can't waste peoples time

    Kalptaru GamingKalptaru GamingPrije mjesec
  • The fastest Lamborghini is CC nowadays.

    CHEESY Rock-StarCHEESY Rock-StarPrije mjesec

    nevy 1234nevy 1234Prije mjesec
    • Me : wait That's illegal

      Kalptaru GamingKalptaru GamingPrije mjesec
  • Love this new way of telling us about news

    Sam OlinaSam OlinaPrije mjesec
  • Awesome video 8.6

    A&A animationsA&A animationsPrije mjesec
    • Glad you liked it!

      Coach Cory - Brawl StarsCoach Cory - Brawl StarsPrije mjesec
  • The fastest brawl talk ever in my live.. GOTTA GO FAST 💨

    김은정김은정Prije mjesec
  • Coach cory: you will know everything in lesser then 60 seconds Video time: 1:04 minutes and seconds

    Maheswari VijayanMaheswari VijayanPrije mjesec
  • Jessie's attack bounces of enemies but little doggie's attack over here can bounce of multiple walls. Which one do u think is better

  • NOOOOOO! IT WAS 1:04 NOT 1:00

    Tonpo RegentsTonpo RegentsPrije mjesec
  • Nice Cory

    Hari SankarHari SankarPrije mjesec
  • Everyone can use Ruffs gadget on Vault Defender

    GummyJ0SHGummyJ0SHPrije mjesec
  • When ur mom is back in 1 min and u hve done some mischief 😹😹😹😹😹

    Mohit BalgiMohit BalgiPrije mjesec
  • again.. *spid*

    PepperProductionPepperProductionPrije mjesec
  • LIES its 1:04 Lol

    Ali279Al0oshAli279Al0oshPrije mjesec
  • But when is he coming?

    Reelsulzy bsReelsulzy bsPrije mjesec
  • You missed his insanely fast unload speed, but overall, great video! I can tell you talked VERY fast.

    poiu 2266poiu 2266Prije mjesec
  • It is actually 64 second

    Dharmish ShahDharmish ShahPrije mjesec
  • c`mon man you just lazy 🤣🤣😂😂

    Rameash Lopez - Brawl StarsRameash Lopez - Brawl StarsPrije mjesec
  • Wheres the smile in the end like LAST time?

    Eugene CHEUKEugene CHEUKPrije mjesec
  • Can't wait to see Frank get the supply drop

    Mega WedgeMega WedgePrije mjesec
  • Cory is breaking 'em world records with these light speed reviews, my congratulations to you, gentleman

    Z RealZ RealPrije mjesec
  • Speed run

    ASHDOESASHDOESPrije mjesec
  • I thought it was going to be a youtube shorts lol

    Sleepo ProductionSleepo ProductionPrije mjesec
  • Wow Ruff is cool 😎

    ay ooiay ooiPrije mjesec
  • Ngl, I don't like this new brawler. And I'm kinda sad because they made a recolour Captain Carl skin, and I wasted all my gems...

    AǫᴜxʀɪᴜsAǫᴜxʀɪᴜsPrije mjesec
  • It's one minute 4 seconds long!

    Chonsterski3147YTChonsterski3147YTPrije mjesec
  • That felt way longer than 1 minute

    Eddy The Gamer BSEddy The Gamer BSPrije mjesec
  • Be honest, Who changed the playback speed to 0.75 to understand him? Me Of Course :/

    Imperial Axe GamingImperial Axe GamingPrije mjesec
  • So byron and Edgar will basically get a heal and damage buff (+ extra health) Oh somehow no one expect Kairos mentioned that autoaim doesn't target the sandbags but the brawler behind Even bots (sniper bot, bots in friendly games) ignore them

    Ziomownik 2580 funZiomownik 2580 funPrije mjesec
  • Wait what Byron didn't get a nerf?

    CLINSMANN FrancescoCLINSMANN FrancescoPrije mjesec
  • he did it again. what an absolute madlad

  • more like 64 secs

    Keanu TangKeanu TangPrije mjesec
  • Imagine coach Cory watching my latest vid

    ChocolateParrotChocolateParrotPrije mjesec
  • Cory: Hey supercell!!! Wanna see me speedrun? *SPEEDRUNNING INTENSIFIES*

    Grape- ManGrape- ManPrije mjesec
    • lol nothing love

      Penduduk DesaPenduduk DesaPrije mjesec
  • Gotta go Fast

    Dan22 BSDan22 BSPrije mjesec

  • This guy just speedran everything about Colonel Ruffs (his attacks)

    Yoyoitsty SchaferYoyoitsty SchaferPrije mjesec

    SAMI-ATSAMI-ATPrije mjesec
  • How to delete comment

    Carlos GironCarlos GironPrije mjesec
  • what is this?

    Carlos GironCarlos GironPrije mjesec
  • wait your karios's editor?????

    Carlos GironCarlos GironPrije mjesec
  • *Time to slow down*

    ÆØ-AgentSandy _37 Brawl Stars Frag iDHLSOSXÆØ-AgentSandy _37 Brawl Stars Frag iDHLSOSXPrije mjesec
  • YeSS

    Toywell J. CrimpsonToywell J. CrimpsonPrije mjesec
  • I'm confused how do u pronounce the name i hear cornal ruff

    Nudrad FoisalNudrad FoisalPrije mjesec
  • Plot twist he put the speed faster of the video

    Saf MohdSaf MohdPrije mjesec
  • Dog brawler, epic

    Ayden JonesAyden JonesPrije mjesec
  • M E D I C

    Randomness AnimationRandomness AnimationPrije mjesec
  • Sonic: I’m faster than all of you guys >:D Randoms when they see supply drop: Allow us to introduce ourselves.

    E- animatesE- animatesPrije mjesec
  • Clickbait it's 64 seconds

    Meme ProductionsMeme ProductionsPrije mjesec
  • *Intro* 0:00 - 0:02 *Colonel Ruffs in 60 seconds:* 0:03 - 1:02 *60 seconds* Make sure you are in the CCCC and use code Cory when you buy the season 5 brawl pass and be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications because only 0.000000000036721% of you are subscribed 1:03 - 1:04 and yes it's 60 seconds not 59 do math

    xC12xC12Prije mjesec